Merak Room, Jakarta Convention Center , 12 - 13 July 2017

Eventbrite - SMARTFINTECH 2017 - (Paid Forum & Free Workshop)


The rise of FINTECH companies have urged banks and finance industry to redefine their business strategies. While the traditional brick and mortars office have long been replaced by internet banking, now the way people transact and invest have been given new options by FINTECH.

This forum will address opportunities and challenges for FINTECH, e-Commerce and Banks and other industries as well as any people inspired by the new digital mobile to gain better understanding of this new market frontier.

Join us at this exciting discussion from different perspectives by the Government, Bank, Fintech, e-Commerce, Telecommunication, Pioneers – to emphasize technological trends, customers expectation and best practices strategies.

Eventbrite - SMARTFINTECH 2017 - (Paid Forum & Free Workshop)


Rendy Darmawidjaja

Rendy Darmawidjaja

Cyber Security Specialist

Fadjar Utomo

Fadjar Utomo

Deputy for Access to Capital Bekraf 

Sandiaga Uno

Sandiaga Uno

Co-Founder Angel eQ Network

Rahmat Broto Triaji

Rahmat Broto Triaji

Group Head e-Banking at PT Bank Mandiri (persero) Tbk

Jean Hartawan Reksodiputro

Jean Hartawan Reksodiputro

Director at PEFINDO Credit Bureau

Nicola Castelnuovo

Nicola Castelnuovo

Co-founder & Group CCO at Crowdo

Loh Zheng Rong

Loh Zheng Rong

COO and Co-Founder at Toucan

Iwan Kurniawan

Iwan Kurniawan

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Modalku

Adrian Gunadi

Adrian Gunadi

Co-Founder & CEO Investree

Arief Mustain

Arief Mustain

Head of Digital Service Division, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom)

Nugraha Santosa

Nugraha Santosa

President Director, Diebold Nixdorf Indonesia,

Darryl Tan

Darryl Tan

Founder and CEO of KYCK!

Jupe Tan

Jupe Tan

Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Plug and Play Tech Center

Panji Wasmana

Panji Wasmana

Client Technical Architect Leader - PT IBM Indonesia

Rully Moulany

Rully Moulany

Country Manager, PT Red Hat Indonesia

Joseph Lumban Gaol

Joseph Lumban Gaol

Chief Digital Service Officer PT. XL Axiata, Tbk


Merak 3 Room - Wednesday, 12 July 2017

09:00 WIB – Presentation Session
Regulation and Market Outlook

  • Snapshot of Indonesia Digital Financial Service market
  • Update POJK P2P Lending policy
  • Understanding Indonesia regulation strategy compares to other SEA regulations regarding Digital Financial Services.
  • Digital Financial Service regulator challenges

Fithri Hadi, OJK Digital Financial Innovation Director 


09:20 WIB – Presentation Session ”
How Start-up contributes to Digital Economy ?

  • How creative industry can improve contribution to GDP growth and reduce unemployment by strengthening of the online economy that create a platform for rapid development of IT-based start up businesses.
  • A roadmap to support all players in creative industry

Fadjar Hutomo, Deputy for Access to Capital Bekraf

09:40 WIB – Panel Discussion Session

The Future of Banking with Fintech in the market

  • What are the latest trends in the financial industry and technology that change the way people do payments, loans and transfers ?
  • Entrepreneurs and Bankers need to keep up to date with FinTech developments as a vital part of their daily life. Being aware of the latest opportunities and developments will improve your business and help stay at the forefront of your market.
  • How banks/enterprises are transforming themselves to be disruptors and Fin-Techs ?
  • How it is helping Banks and Fintech Companies to jointly leverage this great opportunity and benefit from new technology enablers and create the competitive and uniqueness to get ahead.

Moderator :
M Ajisatria Suleiman, Asosiasi Fintech Indonesia
1.  Sandiaga Uno, Co-Founder Angel eQ Network
2. Rahmat B Triaji, Group Head E-Banking PT. Bank Mandiri (persero) Tbk.
3. Iwan Kurniawan, Co-Founder and COO Modalku
4. Joseph Lumban Gaol, Chief Digital Service Officer PT. XL Axiata, Tbk

10:20 WIB – Presentation Session

Encourage Omni Channel Strategy for Digital Banking
The banking is undergoing a transformation to be able to customer with the customers at any time and any place ; with the cloud, B2B (business to business) connection, B2C (business to customer), BYOD (bring your own device), Big Data and IOT (Internet of things) sensors. All of these ways of communication must coexist.

Customer must feel comfortable in any channel with the freedom to switch any time

  • Build a seamless and integrated omni channel strategy
  • Internally unify your customer’s experience
  • Maximize the effectiveness of each piece

Nugraha Santosa, President Director  Diebold Nixdorf Indonesia

10:40 WIB – Presentation Session

Platform for Innovation – Fostering Partnership in the Next Generation Digital Financial Service experiences
As customer behavior continues to change, not only do they expect an easy and seamless experience with all brands they interact with, customer now expect an added x factor when they connect you, surprise.

  • Learn to decipher what is innovative and what is simply shiny and new
  • Designing and implementing an innovative digital transformation program to create customer’s needs.
  • How financial services firms expand their ecosystem ; opening up the process and system and embrace new partners to provide value adding services

Rully Moulany, Country Manager Red Hat Indonesia

11.00 WIB – Fintech Showcase
Darryl Tan – CEO of KYCK!

11:45 WIB – Panel Discussion Session

Accelerating Innovation and Collaboration between Banks & Fintech Companies
In the digital economy, Banks and Fintech companies are increasingly combining to co-create and collaborate in building lucrative new services. Not only does this help develop new markets and business models, but it builds expanded eco-systems of incredible value.

While Fintech companies have generally exceled in agility, innovation and exploiting new technology, the banks offer capital, deep customer bases and expertise in working with regulators.

How it is helping the banks and Fintech companies to jointly leverage this great opportunity and benefit from the new ‘technology’ enablers and create the competitive uniqueness to get ahead

Moderator :
Dennis Wong, Chairperson SMARTFINTECH
1. Jupe Tan – Plug n Play Tech Center
2. Darryl Tan – CEO of KYCK!

12:00 WIB – Lunch & Networking Break

13:00 WIB – Presentation Session
Regulation and Market Outlook

  • Fintech Office Highlight and Regulatory Sandbox
  • Understanding Indonesia Payment System (National Payment Gateway) strategy compares to other SEA regulations
  • How Fintech can contribute to national economic growth through development of technology-based financial innovations while taking both consumer protection and risk mitigation Latest technology update :  Voice biometric for banking, etc

Junanto Herdiawan, Head of Fintech Office Bank Indonesia

13:20 WIB – Presentation Session
Challenge with the Regulator and Main Players in Industry (P2P Lending)

David vs Goliath #2
Fin-Tech start up vs Big Banks – Competition or Collaboration
As a startup in the newly introduced peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Indonesia. How Fintech solution make differences  than other peer-to-peer lenders in Indonesia and compete with the traditional bank ?

Adrian Gunadi, CEO of Investree

13:40 WIB – Presentation Session
Credit Reporting System in Indonesia: Opportunities & Challenges

As dual credit reporting system is adopted in Indonesia, it provides opportunities to all players in lending ecosystem including Fintech in P2P Lending market to strengthen their credit granting process, to mitigate the risk, by using the added-value product from Private Credit Bureau (PCB). It is not THE only solution, but it provides BETTER option. What are the challenges of the system?
Jean Reksodiputro, Director Pefindo Credit Bureau

14.00 WIB – Presentation Session
Rosan Roeslani, Chairman, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)  (invited)

14.20 WIB – Presentation Session
The Future of Investing: the Raise of New Asset Classes

Nicola Castelnuovo,
Co-founder & Group CCO at Crowdo

14:40 WIB – Presentation Session
Implementing digital transformation to meet customer and market demands
Focusing on customer experience become life style.

Developing a digital business strategy and road map and integrate with enterprise architecture with resulting business strategy and plans

Arief Mustain, Head of Digital Service Division, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom)

15:00 WIB – Tea Break & Networking

15:20 WIB – Presentation Session
Build Your Startup, Fast!, Securely Put Our Servers and Data in the Cloud
Keeping servers and data sensitive  information concerns many start-ups and Fintechs . Traditionally, we may thinking that we need to keep the data as close to us as possible, storing it at our on-site data centers where we can “keep an eye on everything”. How could possible know what is happening with our data at servers far away from our office space ?

The fact of the matter is, however, that our data is much more secure at a cloud provider than our in-house servers. A cloud service is able to offer many more security features and guarantees for our data than new have our own space. A quick look at many benefits of cloud servers and storages may help convince.

Panji Wasmana, Client Technical Architect Leader – PT IBM Indonesia

15:40 WIB – Presentation Session
Richard Kartawijaya,  Sekjen Asosiasi Penyelenggara Data Center Indonesia (IDPRO)

16:00 WIB – Fintech Showcase
D-Wallet by Drop Global Tech

Integrated Platform Application

Vincenda Diaz, Co Founder & COO DROP

16:20 WIB – Presentation Session
TBA, Asosiasi Fintech Indonesia

16:40 WIB – Closing Session


Plenary Hall - Thursday, 13 July 2017


Thursday, 13 July 2017 at 10:00 WIB – 12:00 WIB, – Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center

Cyber Crime and Advance Persistent Threat

In Digital Services era, technology is an important part in providing effective, efficient and pleasant solution for banking transaction. But, along with technology advancement and increasing financial transaction, bank business is confronted with cyber crime threat which potentially presents a specific risk and potentially causing losses to customers. Hence, it is necessary to anticipate with earliest prevention to avoid major impact.

Discussion topic:
– The importance to understand characteristics of cybercrime attacks and advance persistent threat
– Specific risks on the threat
– Prevention efforts from the view of risk management.
– Developing a strategy to maintain a full visibility over any potential vulnerability in the service for the users
– How to build trustworthy digital financial services infrastructure and security ?

Randy Darmawidjaja – Cyber Security Specialist

Eventbrite - SMARTFINTECH 2017 - (Paid Forum & Free Workshop)


Thursday, 13 July 2017 at 13:00 WIB – 15:00 WIB, Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center

“How to get Fund and Build a Successful Fin-Tech Brand – Startup Basics and Why It’s Important”

Fintech industry is becoming the most disruptive tech trend. Fund, is a common problem to build start up business. How start-up company raises fund and how selling your ideas ?

Discussion topic :
1. How we get and choose proper fund alternative for start-up business.
– Own fund / Bank / Venture Capital / Crowdfunding / Angel investor / etc


2. How we build and sustain Fintech Brand
– Identify the need you need and value you bring
– Get the right tools and apps
– Establish trust and utilize social media



Loh Zheng Rong
COO, Toucan


Eventbrite - SMARTFINTECH 2017 - (Paid Forum & Free Workshop)


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